Max-Planck-Institut für Physik (Werner-Heisenberg-Institut), München

How to reach the Institute ...

... from Munich's airport using public transport

To get from the airport to the Institute by public transport, you may chose to use a bus or the subway connection.

In the former case, Lufthansa provides a shuttle connecting the airport to the Main Railway Station (Hauptbahnof, 40 minutes) and Munich Nord (Nordfriedhof, 25 minutes). From the latter you have a direct connection to subway U6 (a different ticket is needed!). Take direction Garching-Hochbrück or Fröttmaning and get off at "Studentenstadt" after 3 minutes. The Institute may then easily be reached by a short walk (see map). The bus fares are 9.50 € (one way) or 15 € for a return trip. Further information can be found in this brochure, or at this website. For the U-bahn ticket, see below.

If you choose the subway connection, you need to pay for for 4 "zones", the basic fee unit in Munich's public transport system (see remarks on public transport). This may be achieved in several ways, since you can buy

For two to five adults travelling together, the best choice is however to buy a Partner day ticket ("Partner Tageskarte", 16 €).

The two lines connecting the Airport to downtown are S-Bahn S1 and S8

S-Bahn S1S-Bahn S8
Time table: at 4:35am and from 05:35am until 00:15am every 20 minutes Time table: at 4:05am and from 08:05am until 01:05am every 20 minutes
Don't forget to have your ticket stamped by the blue device at the top of the escalators!
Change after roughly 45 minutes at "Marienplatz" leaving the train on the right hand side and proceeding by escalator to the lowest level of the subway station. Change after roughly 35 minutes at "Marienplatz" leaving the train on the right hand side and proceeding by escalator to the lowest level of the subway station.
Take the subway U6 (blue label) direction: Garching-Hochbrück or Fröttmaning
Get off at "Studentenstadt" after 11 minutes.
The Institute may then easily be reached by a short walk (see map below).

You may use the following railway network of Munich's metro lines to retrace your itinerary (pdf-file, 195kB)


Further information on time-tables, tickets and prices can be obtained directly at the MVV-website

How to reach the Institute from subway stop "Studentenstadt":

A more detailed map of the Institutes' site is also available.

If instead you take a taxi from the airport, you should ask for:

"München - Freimann, MPI für Physik, Föhringer Ring 6"

This will cost about 50,- €! Driving time: 20 - 25 minutes.

... from Munich's main station arriving by train

To get from Munich Hauptbahnhof to the Institute, you need to pay for one "zone", the basic fee unit in Munich's public transportation system (single ticket 2.10 € or two fields of a multi-journey ticket)

Coming in by car on one of the motorways (Autobahn) to Munich

A global map of highways surrounding Munich together with a magnified view of the vicinity of the MPI is given in the following.

Some remarks concerning Munich's public transport system (MVV)

Public transport in Munich is highly developed, secure by international standards and reaches far out into the surroundings. Just to make matters complicated for visitors, Munich and surroundings are divided up into four zones (where the urban area of Munich is covered by one zone), used for calculating the price of a journey (the relevant quantity being the number of zones your journey passes through). Tickets entitle you to use bus, tramway, subway and S-Bahn or any combination of them; you may change among them freely as long as you continue to move in the same general direction (when going on a round trip, you have to pay for each direction separately!), and you may even interrupt your journey and continue it later as long as you arrive at your destination within three hours from stamping your ticket.

There exist basically two types of tickets:
Single tickets (Einzelfahrkarte) and multi-journey tickets (Streifenkarte); the latter coming in blue for adults or in red for children aged 6-14. For a longer stay in Munich, a personalized transport card with a weekly or monthly ticket ("IsarCard") is usually the cheapest way for travelling around in Munich; the price depends on where exactly you live, and the validity is restricted to a few finer-grained zones chosen so as to connect your residence to the Institute. Ask local colleagues and secretaries for additional information and/or have a look at the MVV website.

Important: the tickets have to be stamped at the beginning of your journey, i.e. before entering the first train or immediately after entering the first bus or tramway car. Having a multi-journey ticket, count the number of fields needed, bend the remaining fields away from you, and insert the ticket into the stamping device with the last field for the current journey facing upward (this one will receive the stamp). For example when you start with a fresh ticket and need two fields (which is the maximum number of fields needed for journeys within Munich's urban area), stamp field number 2:

| 1| 2| 3| 4| 5| 6| 7| 8| 9|10|   ____\|
|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |       /|
      ^--- bend ticket here
     ^--- stamp this field

The next time you need two fields, stamp field number 4, etc. Several people journeying together may use the same multi-journey ticket, but it has to be stamped separately for each person.

The blue stamping devices are positioned at the entrance of each station and inside busses and tramway cars. Again, only a stamped ticket entitles you to use the transportation system. For multi-journey tickets the rule is: two fields per zone, up to a maximum of 8 fields for 4 (or more) zones. Since the inner region consists only of one zone, all trips within cost 2 fields. As an example, the main station and the Institute are in the innermost region, but the airport and the campus at Garching are not.

All tickets are available from automatic vending machines at the entrance of each station, from bus drivers or from one of the 400 kiosks all over the city. Tramway drivers only sell single tickets; take the rear car of a tramway to find a vending machine.

For the updated fares, please consult the MVV website

PS:  "Kein Verkauf" means: "No sale"! Look for the letters: MVV

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